Benefits Of An Orthodontist vs. DIY At-Home Treatments

Benefits Of An Orthodontist vs. DIY At-Home Treatments
Posted on 10/15/2020
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At Tilghman Orthodontics, we work exceedingly hard to provide top quality orthodontic care to every patient on an individual level. We believe that orthodontic treatment is important and requires the involvement of an orthodontic specialist to properly diagnose, monitor, and treat orthodontic issues. It is our mission to offer patients orthodontic care that meets their smile needs and straightens their teeth and bite effectively and efficiently. Tilghman Orthodontics is confident that the best place for orthodontic treatment is in a professional orthodontist office.

Why an Orthodontist is Best

Today, there are many options for orthodontic care including some online companies that offer inexpensive care over the internet such as, mail order aligners. At Tilghman Orthodontics, we understand that you have options and we encourage you to do your research prior to choosing your orthodontic care. However, we strongly believe that all orthodontic treatment should take place in the orthodontist chair. Our orthodontist offers the following benefits:

  • An orthodontist like Dr. Tilghman will offer personalized, individual care to address your needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” method or treatment. For example, many patients benefit from appliances such as expanders, or a combination of brackets and alginers, which a mail order aligner company can not offer.
  • As a patient of Tilghman Orthodontics, your progress will be monitored on a regular basis, and adjustments may be made periodically to keep your treatment on track. Effective treatment cannot be guaranteed when using DIY at-home treatments or mail order aligners. Tilghman Orthodontics has recently seen these ineffective results from various online companies.

    Initially, you will undergo a comprehensive orthodontic exam performed by an orthodontist and orthodontic team. This will include digital x-rays, 3D intra-oral scan and photographs, and a complete diagnosis and treatment plan. We would never limit ourselves or you to a picture of your teeth and a carbon copy treatment plan.

  • Finally, our orthodontist offers a number of different types of orthodontic appliances depending on your needs. Tilghman Orthodontics provides traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign. We understand that every mouth is different, that’s why we are flexible with treatment methods. We have had patients use braces for part of their treatment and then switch to Invisalign or use both at the same time. Mail order aligners will not be able to provide you with the customization you need to achieve a great, functional smile.

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