How Long Does Smiles Correct Take?

How Long Does Smiles Correct Take?
Posted on 05/23/2019

Achieve Your Dream Smile With Smiles Correct Tilghman

Have you been dreaming of a straight, stunning smile? As your orthodontist in Sussex county, we at Tilghman Orthodontics have proudly helped countless patients achieve the smile of their dreams with our Invisalign alternative, Smiles Correct. Keep reading to discover more about these clear aligners, how they work, and how long treatment takes.

What Is Smiles Correct?

Smiles Correct is an orthodontic treatment similar to Invisalign, comprised of a series of clear aligners designed to straighten the teeth. Each set of removable clear aligners is created from a 3D impression of your mouth, customized to fit your smile perfectly.

How Long Does Smiles Correct Take?

On average, Smiles Correct Tilghman can take anywhere from several months up to a year, based on several factors. However, it is designed to be a more short-term treatment than both Invisalign and braces. Your individual length of treatment will depend on the complexity of your case, the results you desire, and how compliant you are with your treatment plan. Your orthodontist in Sussex county will be able to determine your exact treatment time. If you forget to put your aligners back in after eating or brushing, or if you neglect to wear them according to your orthodontist’s instructions, it may be longer before your treatment is complete. You’ll have nothing to worry about if you follow the specific plan of your orthodontist in Sussex county!

Who Is Smiles Correct For?

Smiles Correct is for patients who may have mild or less severe orthodontic cases than others, requiring less orthodontic supervision and shorter treatment times. Patients who have minor orthodontic issues, such as one or two teeth out of place, or who have neglected to wear their retainers after braces or Invisalign, are perfect candidates for Smiles Correct Tilghman.

Visit our Smiles Correct FAQ page for answers to other common questions!

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