At Home Orthodontics Vs. Invisalign

At-Home Orthodontics vs. Invisalign
Posted on 03/21/2018
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If you could get a new, perfectly straight smile just by snapping your fingers, you would be snapping right now wouldn’t you? We know we would, but the real process of getting that ideal smile is a lot longer, with a great deal of precise measurements, meticulous planning, and some hardware like braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Here at Tilghman Orthodontics, we’ve worked with countless patients and created countless new smiles, and one of the most common questions and concerns that we hear from our patients is: “how long is this going to take?”

Unfortunately, as much as we want that new smile, waiting for is something that we have to do, even though we don’t want to. Ask any professional orthodontist, and they’ll tell you that the average orthodontic treatment time is between 18 and 24 months. With the rise in advertisements of do-it-yourself orthodontics, and the claims that you can finish your treatment even faster without leaving the comfort of your home, the appeal is clear. To learn more about these programs and if they are too good to be true, check out the information below.

What Is At-Home Orthodontics?

At-home orthodontics is a group of new programs that send you a do-it-yourself kit for taking a mold of your teeth, have you mail it out, and then create aligners (reminiscent of Invisalign) that will be sent directly to your door. The goal of these programs is to offer patients orthodontic treatment with added convenience, lower cost, and supposedly more efficiency.

The Risks Of At-Home Orthodontics

While at-home orthodontics does sound like it is living up to it’s goal of being an alternative to professional orthodontic treatment, it falls short of everything that orthodontic treatment should be, and actually ends up putting people at a higher risk of dental and orthodontic issues instead of giving them the perfect smile. Below are just some of the risk factors for at-home orthodontics:

  • An Imperfect Fit - having you take your own mold to use as a model for your aligners is open to a large amount of errors. Without being trained to take a proper mold, the aligners could end up being misshapen, or simply not fit on your teeth comfortably.
  • Long Term Damage - While the aligners may move a possible even straighten your teeth, the true key to orthodontic treatment is aligning the jaw. Without adjusting the positioning of your jaw, moving your teeth with DIY orthodontics could actually lead to the development of serious jaw and bite issues.
  • You’re On Your Own - Orthodontics is a field of medicine, so trying to do orthodontics yourself with the help of no one except the boxes your aligners came in is like trying to do surgery on yourself with a fork that a stranger just handed you.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Professional For Invisalign

If your goal is to have a perfect smile that will last a lifetime, we recommend sticking with a professional orthodontist over going the cheaper and more inconsistent route of at-home orthodontics. Some of the main reasons that you should choose to get your new smile from your local orthodontist are:

  • We’re Experienced - At Tilghman Orthodontics, we’ve helped countless patients from our surrounding communities get their new smile with Invisalign, so we will be able to provide you with the same consistent and high-quality care you deserve.
  • We’re With You Every Step of the Way - For any questions, concerns, unforseen orthodontic emergencies, and anything else that life might throw at your, Dr. Tilghman, Dr. Schwartz and our staff are here to help you every step of the way.
  • We Have The Tools & Training - Our office is equipped with the most advanced orthodontic technology available to ensure that we get the best images and scans of your smile, which we then use to plan the movement of your teeth down to the tiniest measurement to ensure perfection. This technology allows us to make Invisalign aligners that are as comfortable as possible and are personalized just for you.

Put Your Smile In The Right Hands

If you have any questions about at-home orthodontics or the professional orthodontic care that we offer here at Tilghman Orthodontics including Invisalign, just contact us and a member of our staff will be able to help you get all of the information you need. You can also schedule an appointment online if you’d like. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!