Healthy Summer Treats For Kids

Healthy Summer Treats For Kids
Posted on 05/15/2017
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As summer approaches, it's tempting to give your kids a chilly treat, such as a popsicle or an ice cold soda. However, these may not be the best healthiest option for their teeth, especially if they're undergoing orthodontic treatment. At Tilghman Orthodontics, we care about our young patients, and want them to have healthy (yet delicious) snack options this summer. That's why we put together this list of fun summer treats that are also good for their teeth.


A good swap for a sugary sundae, a homemade fruit smoothie is very nutritious. If your children are craving something sweet and cold, try a Banana Split Smoothie!

Banana Split Smoothie

1 Frozen Banana
2 cups of Frozen Strawberries
¾ plain Greek yogurt
1 cup of Low-Fat Chocolate Milk

You can either wash, prep, and throw the fruit in the freezer in a ziplock bag the night before, or buy some pre-frozen fruit at your local store in the freezer section. Simply combine all ingredients in your blender, blend, and serve! This option is great for teeth since the yogurt offers a lot of calcium which lowers the acidity level in the mouth.

Homemade Refreshing Drinks

Sugary drinks, such as soda, contain excess sugar that can destroy teeth! There's much healthier, teeth-friendly alternatives you can make easily at home.

Homemade Kool-Aid

10 Herbal Tea Bags (non-caffeinated berry teas are best)
¾ cup of Honey
4 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Lemon Peeled and Squeezed
1 ½ teaspoons of Kosher Salt or Sea Salt

Boil water and let steep the teabags in two sets of 5, and let it steep for about 15 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients! Be careful to not add too much salt. Then throw it all in a 2 gallon container, fill the rest of the container with water, and stir! 

Fruits, Veggies, Peanut Butter

Sometimes known as ants or snails on a log, this treat is sure to be a hit with your kids and their friends!

Snails on a Log

Peanut Butter
Whole Grain Pretzels

Wash and prep your apples and celery, then munch to your discretion! This yummy snack quenches that sweet tooth while offering a lot of health benefits. Apples act like a natural toothbrush and filled with a lot of nutrients and vitamins while the celery's high water content will help offset any other sugary snacks your kid eats!

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