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Orthodontic Treatment in Sussex County


At Tilghman Orthodontics, we're passionate about helping all of our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile through high-quality orthodontic treatment. With two convenient office locations in Salisbury & Berlin, we’re proud to serve patients in Sussex County and surrounding areas.  Drs. Michael Tilghman and Carrie Schwartz work hard to treat every patient on an individual basis, designing personalized treatment plans that perfectly suit each patient's unique orthodontic needs and lifestyle. We strive to offer a wide range of treatment options to our patients, which is why we're excited to offer Invisalign: a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces. 

Clearly Different

 When you think of orthodontic treatment, chances are, you picture someone wearing a lattice of metal and wires. These are the brackets and archwires of traditional metal braces, and while they're still the most popular treatment we offer, they're no longer the only game in town. And Invisalign, an exciting alternative treatment to braces, is quickly gaining popularity. 

Invisalign uses a fundamentally different technique to move teeth than traditional braces. While braces use metal brackets and wires that are bonded to the teeth with dental cement, Invisalign relies on a series of clear, removable plastic trays – called aligners – to straighten teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible when worn and can be easily popped in and out to eat, drink, brush, and floss. This means that almost no one has to know you're straightening your teeth, you can still enjoy all your favorite foods, and maintaining proper oral hygiene – something critical to the success of your treatment – is as easy as ever! These are just a few of the advantages of Invisalign:

  • Virtually Invisible: Invisalign is almost invisible when worn, so no one has to know you're straightening your teeth. 
  • No Dietary Restrictions: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign lets you eat whatever you want during treatment. You can still enjoy all your favorite hard, sticky, and crunchy foods!
  • Improved Oral Hygiene: Invisalign makes it easy to maintain proper oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy. 
  • More Comfortable: Invisalign aligners lie flat against the teeth and are made smooth, so treatment is comfortable and convenient. 
  • Protection from Grinding: For patients with mild bruxism, Invisalign protects the teeth from grinding.

The Invisalign Process

While treatment varies from patient to patient, the Invisalign process usually looks something like this:

  • First, we'll bring you in for an initial appointment. During this visit, we'll perform a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation and create a 3D computer model of your teeth and bite.
  • Based on our findings, we'll make a diagnosis about what, if any, orthodontic conditions you may have.
  • We'll use the computer model to create a detailed treatment plan for moving your teeth back to their ideal positions, breaking the movement up into two week increments.
  • Based on our plan, we'll have your own set of custom-made aligners manufactured to fit your teeth and bite.
  • You'll wear each pair of aligners for two weeks before moving on to the next, and with each new set, your teeth will move closer to their ideal positions.
  • Once you finish with your last pair of aligners, your new smile is yours to keep!

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign teen.For adolescents who want the benefits of Invisalign, there's a specialized option that's perfectly suited to the teenage lifestyle: Invisalign Teen. In addition to all the benefits of regular Invisalign, Invisalign Teen comes with a number of advantages custom-tailored to teenagers:

  • Eruption Tabs: These tabs hold space open for teeth that haven't finished erupting yet.
  • Blue Dot Wear Indicators: Emblazoned on every aligner, these tell doctors, parents, and teens themselves if the aligners are being worn long enough.
  • 6 Extra Aligners: Every treatment course comes with 6 free replacement aligners, so there's no need to worry about losing aligners. 

Oral Hygiene & Invisalign

During treatment with Invisalign, oral hygiene is more important than ever. It's critical to brush teeth after every meal or snack, and you'll need to brush your aligners every time you take them out or put them back in. You'll also have to floss daily, and we'd recommend periodically soaking your aligners in a glass of water with a denture cleaning tablet. After you finish with your treatment, we'll fit you with a retainer and give you detailed instructions on wearing and caring for it. 

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Invisalign is one of the most exciting orthodontic treatment options around, and if you're considering improving your life with a new smile, we would love to help. Feel free to call us at 410-742-4813 for our Salisbury office or 410-742-4813 for our Berlin office, reach out to us at our contact page, or use our easy online form to schedule an appointment at either of our offices. We can't wait to hear from you, and we're excited to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy new smile with Invisalign!

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