Tilghman Orthodontics now offers Smiles Correct, an affordable orthodontic alternative to traditional braces & Invisalign treatments. Call us to learn more!

About Smiles Correct

Lower Costs. Fewer Visits. All The Results!

At Tilghman Orthodontics, we want to ensure each of our patients can get the smile they’ve always wanted - by providing personalized treatment plans that deliver incredible results. Some teens and adults that visit our office may not require as much orthodontic treatment as others. They may have minor issues, such as mild overcrowding and spacing, that can be resolved at a faster pace than those with moderate to severe cases. 

If your teeth are not where they are supposed to be, or you did not wear your retainer, Tilghman Orthodontics is proud to offer an affordable new solution called Smiles Correct, that serves as an alternative for traditional braces or Invisalign treatments.

Getting Started 

It’s easier than ever to start your journey to a beautiful smile with Smiles Correct by Tilghman Orthodontics! Just follow the four easy steps below:

  1. Schedule a free consultation at our Salisbury or Berlin office by calling (410) 742-4813 or by completing our online appointment request form.
  2. Get digitally scanned for your aligners in our office.
  3. Pick up your aligners.
  4. Wear your aligners and show off your new smile!

Want to Learn More About Smiles Correct?

There’s never been a better time to improve your smile! If you live in or around Salisbury or Berlin, MD, trust the award-winning Tilghman Orthodontics to deliver results you’ll be proud of. To get started, please call us at (410) 742-4813 or you can complete our convenient online appointment request form. We look forward to meeting you soon