Fall Braces Care Guide

Fall Braces Care Guide
Posted on 09/11/2018
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While wearing braces is an exciting time for many children and teens, one thing to keep in mind is that it will be trickier for them to monitor their oral health! Because braces have countless tiny spaces that can trap food, it’s important to teach your child the importance of keeping their teeth as clean as possible, to avoid additional treatment time. At Tilghman Orthodontics, we do our best to remind our patients about the importance of maintaining excellent hygiene at their appointments, and appreciate the support you provide at home, as well.

For parents, this means preparing your child with the essentials they need to keep their braces clean at school. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to make caring for braces as easy as possible. 

Keep Up With Oral Hygiene

Busy class schedules, homework, and extracurriculars can make it hard to focus on oral health. However, failing to follow a regular oral hygiene routine can lead to tooth decay and may hamper orthodontic treatments. Remember to floss and brush as recommended for best results, whether you’re at school or at home completing a big class project.

Carry a Braces Care Kit

Pack a braces care kit and carry it with you wherever you go. It should include:

  • Small mirror
  • Floss and threaders
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Orthodontic wax

This care kit should be small enough to carry around in a backpack, duffel bag or purse. That way, your child has no excuses for not being proactive about their oral health. 

Be Careful About What You Eat

Hard food, sticky foods, and foods high in sugar should be avoided while wearing braces. We’ll provide you with a list of foods to avoid, as they can potentially damage your braces by breaking your brackets of wires. This could delay the treatment process, and be uncomfortable before its fixed by your orthodontist.

Keep Your Orthodontic & Dental Appointments

The school year tends to get busy, and there’s always the temptation to reschedule orthodontic appointments appointments. Just remember, your braces need to be tightened and checked regularly for best results. Also, don’t forget your family dentist! Regular visits to your dentist ar necessary to spot cavities, and any early signs of gum disease. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the best ways to care for your braces. To schedule your fall appointment with us, please give us a call at (410) 742-4813 or complete our online appointment request form.